FALL / WINTER 2019/20

In addition to SANSIBAR Fashion, a number of other SANSIBAR products and accessories now convey the typical SANSIBAR feeling - including grandiose wines, the finest coffee, and other food products. 


The complementing food products of course can be ordered as well in order to transport the lifestyle idea even better on the brand's retail spaces. In this way, a small "SANSIBAR lifestyle world" can be presented to the customer.
(Everything can, nothing must.)




The Idea

SANSIBAR Sylt - only few brands have such a radiance as the most famous beach bar in Germany with its unmistakable sword logo. If you pronounce the name SANSIBAR, you immediately feel the fresh North Sea wind, accompanied by thoughts of stylish luxury and fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. 


The lifestyle SANSIBAR is actually only noticeable directly on Sylt. The founder of the brand Herbert Seckler and the team of Fashion Holding Düsseldorf (as strategic partner and license holder) are committed to exporting this lifestyle. Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the premium brand, SANSIBAR is intensifying its own efforts in the textile trade and expanding its textile sales in the online and wholesale sector. 


This will enable more people throughout Germany to enjoy high-quality fashion from SANSIBAR.



SANSIBAR Fashion is the mirror image of the demands and the lifestyle of the famous Sylt beach hut. It embodies a noble, sporty style with high functionality


The use of the finest, certified materials guarantees the SANSIBAR-typical premium factor - completely in the tradition of upscale dining in a relaxed, unique atmosphere on Sylt's North Sea beach. The price range of the new collection is in the entry-level Premium class


Each of the approximately 75 - 90 pieces of the new collection, is high-quality processed and sustainably produced and is determined by perfect fit. In addition, the use of down and cashmere, which are demonstrably produced in a responsible manner, ensures a high wearing and feel-good factor. The collection is rounded off by modern sweatshirts, t-shirts and pullovers, some of which are interspersed with maritime elements.


SANSIBAR Sylt perfectly conveys the idea of sportswear and lifestyle in our eyes!
It is nice that the focus is not exclusively on the jacket. The idea is reflected very well in the entire collection, which comprises approx. 90 pieces, and has the aim of creating a complete look with highly functional light down, polo shirts, sweaters and knitwear.

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